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Simple software that extracts files from DMG containers without needing to repair or convert

Simple software that extracts files from DMG containers without needing to repair or convert

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Program license: Free

Program by: Reincubate Ltd


Works under: Windows


Program license

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Reincubate Ltd

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If you have ever received a DMG file from an Apple user and have been unable to open it in Windows, adding the free version of DMG Extractor can allow you to do so with ease.

What is a DMG file?

Apple Computer users often use the DMG file format to transfer files between computers. Similar in concept to a .Zip file, DMG files are a type of archive that can be opened with DMG Extractor for Windows. The folders and files inside can then be viewed and selected to be extracted to your hard disk .

Once the files are extracted, you can open them with the application of your choice. If the file is a video file, for example, you can play it using media player or another application.

DMG Extractor supports several different DMG file types including: FAT, UDF, HFS, HFS+, Bzip2, Raw, Zlib and Zero DMG file formats.

Encrypted Files are also Easily Handled

With all the DRM constraints currently in place for media files, it isn't surprising that you will often receive files that are encrypted for protection. DMG Extractor is capable of extracting both encrypted and unencrypted files of a very large size, so you your colleagues can feel comfortable sending you files that are secure when they arrive.

DMG Extractor can also handle IPA and zip files in the full version, which means that if you have a regular need to extract files from an Apple or Windows archive, you can do so using the software.

Does the software time out?

DMG Extractor does not time out, but it does restrict users to extracting only five files in the free edition -- and certain capabilities, such as opening IPA files, are not available.


  • Written so that every type of DMG file can be opened and extracted
  • Able to process very large files, including movies
  • Full version available that seamlessly adds more features and capabilities


  • Limits user to extracting five files in the free version
  • Not able to process IPA files in free edition